Wednesday, May 26, 2010

why do we do what we do?

Because it's in there, that's why. Some may have more than others but we all have it. Moms are created with the capacity to nurture. And without thinking about it, much comes naturally. 

Sometimes I think we over analyze in our Oprah and Dr Phil society. Lots of information out there and some worthy to take a look at. But mothers have been around a long time without these things and I don't think they suffered for it.

There's a lot of simple things we do in life that do not require a degree or at the very least, a class, or book (except mine : ). Don't get me wrong. These things have their place. But you have within you the skills to be a mom. 

Here's an example. Last week I was driving to Rochester and on the way, I noticed some Amish boys playing with a plastic soda bottle.  They were doing what all boys do, trying to see if a car would hit it. Then of course, there would be shouts of great success! "Such a simple pleasure," I thought. Such things transcend time. Boys, from the beginning of time have delighted in finding things to amuse them.

It's that simple for moms, too. There's so many wonderful contraptions and equipment and "necessities" to assist (and amuse) moms that are not really necessary. If a stick or an empty can can amuse a child, then you may find the simpler the better for you, too.

You gotta learn to shut out all the noise. And that may include endless lessons, activities, and socialization outside the home. Our job is to love our kids and create a home that is welcoming and safe. In my opinion, that is utmost.

We do what we do because no matter what we have or do not have, raising children is work but it's also a blast. Very simply, God designed us to enjoy our children. They are a gift.  We want them to be successful in life. And since the family is the backbone to any society, we contribute to the whole by doing our best for them as well as helping to provide a world where they can live. 

Seems kinda redundant doesn't it? We have kids and then they have kids and so on. Isn't there more than this? Not really. And when we look for more than that we can find ourselves discontent. 

The old line "bloom where you are planted" is true. I promise you, even with the struggles along the way, you've got what it takes!

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