Monday, May 24, 2010

just do it.

When life gets to be too much, I just think about life 100 or 200 years ago and get instant perspective. Have you ever thought about moms back in the day? 

One day many years ago I was reading Daniel Boone to my kids and it was told in a story form. Something along the lines of Mrs. Boone standing at the door with the kids waving good-bye to Daniel who was leaving with a few other men to blaze the Wilderness Trail. Whether that actually occurred in that manner, we do know that Daniel had a wife and children (eventually, 10 to be exact!) and left his family behind to blaze 200 miles of wilderness.

I am often inspired by the women throughout history who worked way harder than women today. People are people. These women were not capable of handling more in the sense that they had some physical attributes that gave them more fortitude. In fact, the work load was the very thing that gave them the fortitude. It wasn't a time to whimp out in those days. You rolled up your sleeves and you got to work.

And I think deciding and accepting may be half the battle. 

Think about the pregnant moms who boarded the Mayflower.

How about the pioneer moms who buried some of their children along the way?

Getting perspective yet?

I know I have and it is what made me stronger once I realized that my "plight" was not so bad after all.  These moms were wives who supported their husband's vision of sailing the family across the Atlantic or riding across the country in a covered wagon. 

What did they have that maybe we don't have? Vision. A reason why we do what we do.

too be continued...


abigaildaniels said...

Great stuff! Just what I needed to hear today!

kathleen said...

Very good!

God gives grace. He really, really does.