Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I'm going to let you in on a little secret. As of late, I have become resentful of the extra work around my home. That is because my dear little ones are not little any longer. They are big and invite their big friends and have bonfires and play board games and stay up til after midnight. When I get up in the morning, I find the collateral damage so to speak and clean up.

I have stated often, "please clean up after yourselves" and for some reason is just doesn't happen (since we have lots of friends this week it is every night). Each morning I would be the first one up and I would sigh.

Until I finally resolved that it isn't going to happen; at least this week. Should it? Yes. But most likely I had this perspective because it happens in other homes. It wasn't happening here no matter how hard I tried.

Once I realized how I was setting myself up for disappointment, resentment, and a whole host of other negative feelings, and how it wasn't likely to change, I decided: "I'm the mom. And I will serve."

Immediately, the negative feelings left as I went about cleaning up.

It's not like the younger kids do not have chores or if I ask, "Please do this" that I don't get help. But my job is still in place and my position is to serve. And serving is truly a wonderful position. It has the ability to cleanse away all of the demands and assumptions and negativity we have. 

Tip: your family may not look like another's. We can exchange ideas but if something isn't "working" for you.. toss it. 

When the days are long and you feel like no one cares or you are working way too much, know that we are wired to do more than you think. It's our mind that gets in the way and tells us differently. I've never not had the strength to "do more". If you believe God is watching over things, then He is watching over you, too.

See? I'm 52 and I'm still learning..

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abigaildaniels said...

I love this. The "tip" is great! It's something that we all need to be told and retold many times!

When I am together with other wives, I often hear a LOT of complaining about husbands leaving a mess and how it isn't right. You sum up the serving issue so well. I love your writing!