Sunday, January 30, 2011

KID Find!

George Washington   

The Ingri and Edgar d'Aulaire books are treasures for the K-6th grade crowd. They were published in the 1930's and are not tainted with political correctness. The illustrations are well done and they are all around a good set of books to purchase. With President's Day coming soon, a good read is George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Friday, January 14, 2011

getting back on track.

On the perfectionist scale, I used to be a 9. Bringing this into mothering ... well, it had to go. It didn't go over night but in time, I whittled it down to about a 4.

Our strength is our weakness and perfectionism can be beneficial. People like us not only are dependable but we are thorough. The fault is that we can be too hard on ourselves and the people around us. Know this non-perfectionists: we are harder on ourselves!

Having 8 kids brought balance. When #2 came along, despite his extremely calm demeanor as a baby, it did me in. I couldn't keep everything going perfectly so some things had to go. By the time #3 came along, it was much better.

Yet, it was a process. I remember turning a monumental corner in 1996 after baby #7 came along, and with 5 in school. I threw out my homeschool planner. I had found myself spending far too much time writing in it. When I stopped, I found I was much calmer and happier. There were only so many hours in a day and an hour back then was precious.

I still have perfectionist tendencies, but they have been tempered by the "school of hard knocks". I'm still learning, but my outlook on life is much more pleasant. Perfectionism and worry usually go hand in hand and when you realize that much of life is not in your control, you relax.

How do you stop perfectionism? Like anything else in life. You walk through your daily life, take it as it comes, and grow through it.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


This is a side note that applies to me personally but applies to moms, too, so it fits here! (which I accidentally posted on the blog it is intended for instead of linking here - sorry)

I've been a full-time mother/homemaker of 8 kids and homeschooling for 25 years (3 still at home). As much as I value my role as said mother/homemaker, I still feel like I'm in the shadow (howbeit not as large and looming as it was) of the "professionals". Mainly, because when I am done, there is no monetary reward. Money cannot buy what I have invested in the lives of my kids but the fact remains: there ain't no retirement check!

I have had one article recently published and received payment. I am a contributing author (now that word took some getting used to) to 2 e-magazines. I soon realized it was time to become more confident in defining myself or I wasn't going to get very far.

I've got to believe in me. I've got to believe in my writing. After gaining ground here, and getting paid for my writing, then I can be more comfortable in calling myself a professional.

Point being, there are changes that occur when your children grow up. You may have put some things aside in order to be available to your children. Or, like me, you discover new things about yourself. Whatever it looks like, be assured that how you define yourself will show. Whether it is being an author, artist, musician, volunteer, seamstress ... the list is unlimited ... being confident in your craft and who you are will speak professionalism. Consumers are looking for polished, top-notch products and everyone of us has it in us to produce it.

a new day.

The New Year brings reflection of what was and anticipation (or dread) of what will be. As New Year's Resolutions prove, we are good at becoming overwhelmed by seeing too far ahead.

Then make it simpler. Not a new year but a new day.

The world operates the same day in and day out. The sun rises and it sets. It's predictable. There's truth to the adage, "the sun will come out tomorrow".

It's okay to get off track. Just get back on and pick up where you left off. You are not perfect. You are not indispensable. Does the sun need your assistance? I didn't think so!

Today is a new day. How will you live it?