Wednesday, March 24, 2010

for you.

Today, my thoughts are on the unspoken needs and desires of the mother. For hidden within her heart are disappointments, her dreams, and her sacrifices. It is here that she may find her strength wanes. It is here that she comes to know God.

Women are emotional. It is that from which the sensitivity and compassion and nurturing comes from. She does not tire of giving of herself over and over again. She is able to nurse a baby, give a spelling test, direct a child in his chore, and wipe a runny nose...all at the same time. She is a mother bear in the truest sense in protecting what is hers at all cost. She finds the best deals and will go to 5 different stores to get them. She makes sure her children drink their juice and know God and choose reading over television. She instructs her children all day long since opportunities abound in how to live rightly in relationships and not be afraid of hard work. She knows how to deny herself and give to her family.

As she lays her head upon the pillow at night, she prays. She wonders if her hard work will bring the results she hopes for...knowing that perhaps it may not be known in this lifetime...and so she learns to trust. She carries her concerns to God and learns of His safe keeping...that she is not in this alone...and so she learns He is faithful. 

Tears fill her eyes as she considers, lastly, her unspoken disappointments, dreams, and sacrifices. She doesn't even voice them since her life is not her own. And so she learns that He knows. And He sees.

"Be persuaded, timid soul," writes Archbishop Fenelon, in his Spiritual Letters To Women, "that He has loved you too much to cease loving you."

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