Tuesday, March 23, 2010

say what?

I had to pry myself out of bed this morning. Really! The gray sky and pounding rain just didn't look very inviting.

Came downstairs and made the coffee. In a few minutes I heard little feet pounding down the stairs. He's a chatterbox. More so than any of his siblings. He starts talking as soon as he gets up.

This morning, despite not enjoying more grayness and dampness, I managed a "Good Morning" and even forced myself to say, "Want some eggs this morning?" What was I thinking?! Who wants...on top of everything else...to make breakfast? I mean, you actually want me to cook?? Oh, wait. It was my idea.

The next one to emerge is my 14 year old son who is less chatty but I say "Good Morning" even tho I don't want to say it since it's not a good morning.

See how it works? You do what you don't feel like doing. It's just the right thing. Doesn't seem fair, does it? Why does it have to always be me?

It just is so get over it and start your mornings with a nice tone and it will help the day go better. If nothing else, it gets you off to a good start since just as complaining can make us spiral down in a bad mood, pleasant words can lift us up.

And I will work on being a bit more nicer at night when one of mine asks me a question after 8pm!

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