Sunday, April 18, 2010

look what they've done to my song, ma.

When a mother loses her child, it feels like a piece of her heart has been torn away. It never fully recovers.

Why should we wonder at this? Someone who has a physical injury often feels pain for the rest of their lives. While it lessens in intensity, it's often an area of weakness or is tender to the touch. The pain of death is not so visible, yet, it's there. We would never think of telling someone to run a mile if they limped because of a previous injury, no matter how old it was. But expectations are often placed upon those who's injury is in their heart. 

We smile to make others feel comfortable.

We continue to live because we must. 

Always aware of our wounded heart...

in the midst of the smiling and continuing.

Am I going to tell you God makes it all go away? No. I will not tell you that because to do so would be a lie. God would have to remove your child from your memory. Time eases the intensity of sorrow. One day...then the next day...then the next. Life goes on and we live it. Thinking of other's pain in knowing what happened to us takes precedence over ourselves. No one should hurt this badly. Not even the onlookers. 

There are no pat answers here. No simple words of encouragement. Will you tell an amputee to get up and walk? 

Tragedy cannot be tempered. Sorrow has no solution. Comfort is found in trusting. And smiling will come once again.

It is not wrong to see the scar. 

It is not wrong to remember.

Faith isn't ignoring the pain.

It's saying it exists.

And still faces tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent! Really well said.
Michele L.